Familie Pampuch
Die Homepage der Familie Pampuch

The family of Helene and Johann Pampuch


This is where I will tell the story of my family, of my parents and their ancestors, as well as of my brothers and myself

What makes this ancestral gallery so special, is the fact that my parents Helene Pampuch and Johann Pampuch represent two distinct lines within the Pampuch family

my mother, Helene Pampuch, née Pampuch, born in Breslau (Wroclaw)

my father Johann Pampuch, born in Goldenau (Zlotniki), district Oppeln

No connection of the two distinct family lines was found after 1828. So far, no data concerning previous ancestors of my great-great grandfather Johann Pampuch, born in 1828 in Klein-Döbern, district of Oppeln, exists.

  • Ancestors and Descendants of Helene Pampuch

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