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- Welcome to the homepage of the family Pampuch -



This website is dedicated to the history of my family,

starting with my parents, Helene Pampuch andJohann Pampuch. In some parts,

this story goes back for many centuries.

One focus is set on the life of my grandfather Paul Pampuch,

Familie Pampuch, Anton, Agnes und Kinder 1895Familie Pampuch, Anton, Agnes und Kinder 1895

who was part of the Polish-German resistance group Olimp in Breslau (Wroclaw)

during the Nazi reign. He was betrayed for his actions and the Nazis took hold of him.

They imprisoned him in Glatz (Klozko), a satellite camp of the concentration

camp Groß-Rosen, which was also the place where he died.

The story of his life should tell future generations about the racism and the reign of terror of the National Socialists and, moreover, be a reminder that anti-Fascist and anti-racist thinking and actions are still necessary these days.

Special thanks go to my aunt Christa Guske, née Pampuch († 2007) who died far too early, as well as to her husband Hubertus Guske, who lives in Berlin. Christa was the one to encourage me in doing some genealogical research and, moreover, provided most of the information you can find on this website.

Since December 2017, translations from German texts to Polish are done by my second cousin (from the father’s side) Isabela Nitzpon. I would like to thank her very much for her efforts.

Peter (Piotr-Michal) Pampuch, 2015/2018.                                                                                Translation to English: Rena Rebecca Gratz